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May 24, 2007


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Jason- I did some research and it does look like (for a small fee of course) they will send you DVD's of your data should you need to do a huge restore.

Kewl ... thanks Austin

If anyone is wandering how to choose an online backup company, start here:


The top 25 online backup companies are here:

It now makes sense that Mozy is ranked as the top online backup company.


The DVD option Austin mentioned is something I saw, but I'm not sure how DVDs of 500GB of data, for example, would be all that much better than downloading the same. That's still over 60 DVDs, assuming dual-layer discs with 8GB per CD, which they may or may not be.

Thanks for the temp dir tip; I was about to contact Mozy again about my Exchange backup but you may have found my problem. Retrying now, no report for a while :-)

I haven't seen your load time issue, but my datasets aren't huge so far (they will be when I'm done testing on the Exchange server). A pre-backup on an encrypted drive would be awesome, I agree!

Superb tip.....using with mozy pro.

The Mozy app speed when populating backup sets is an absolute joke and is making the app unusable.

Mozy are going to lose a lot of larger clients if they don't get this sorted asap.

Apart from that as you say they are competitive and it's fairly simple and does the job. The recent exposure on techcrunch is a good thing for them lets just hope they don't over saturate and that getting a decent number of clients will allow them to fix the slow lame app!

I discovered a Memopal (www.memopal.com) "cutting edge solution for online

They merged online backup, online storage and file sharing services into one product.

If you try this service you will notice that (contrary to most competitors):
- You can access your files in (true) real time with a web browser
- They really offer 250 GB (some competitors offer a fake unlimited web
space, they say "fair use")
- You can share a file or many files with the 1-click-share functionality
- Some of your files will be uploaded very very fast (turboupload)
- The service and website are in 10 different languages

I've also found two useful guide to online backup on Wikipedia:

When restoring, Mozy Pro Can take 24 hours (or more, as I sit waiting at hour 30) on a weekend (weekdays would take longer) to simply GATHER the files that you need to download before you can even start to download them. (50k files or a VERY SMALL server) This makes it worthless for Dr.s lawyers, dentist, hotels,... or anyone who needs their data restored rapidly.

Further, I have been on the phone waiting simply for someone to answer the phone for over an hour so far with no response.

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