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August 27, 2007


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I think we have the groundwork for the next Bud Light "Real American Heroes" commercial...

"Here's to you, Mister Lone Church IT Guy..."

Thanks for the encouragement Jason!

Thanks Jason! Your words are very encouraging. I am working right now to take tech to the next level, in every possible way at my church. There is a ton of work to do because tech has never been taken seriously here. as you say, it is tough and thankless and I am working hard to bridge some gaps and build relationships between the newly formed tech ministry and other ministries. Things were neglected and not always handled in the way they should have been before I got here, which has only been a few months.


You have a tremendous blog and a lot of insight to share. Keep posting, but take breaks as you go. Coming from someone who didn't take breaks and then ended up being burned out and walked away from blogging for a year, I can tell you that you need rest stops along the way.

Glad to know you're gonna keep on bloggin'!

Hey, I know how you feel. Sometimes it just seems like too much to keep up with and you're not really making an impact. However, it's nice to know that people are there, taking something away from what you do. Like you said, it's not ego stroking, just nice to know that your efforts aren't all for nothing.

Thanks Jason...very encouraging; it's great that you being encouraged has turned into you encouraging others! That is the great thing about blogging (well, aside from learning cool tech stuff you never knew and having it go both ways :-)

I would say, don't be afraid to scale back without quitting. I've had so much going on (and still do) that I can't post like I did when I started out. I'm sure I'll have more fruitful times as well, but I hope I don't stop completely. I've done it before with a non-niche blog I started, but it was too random (it's still out there though if anyone looks around not-very-hard!). With Church IT as the topic, it's much easier to come up with stuff and continue to be inspired with things to share because it's stuff I live and breathe every day.

Anyway, you know that you were the one that got me started blogging and were the gateway to the Church IT online community in the first place. It's great to continue to find encouragement in the same place I first found it.

As a side note, it's probably a sign that I'm up to late that on first read, where you said, "we are doing Kingdom work" (AMEN!), I thought initially it said, "we are doing Klingon work." Fortunately, I was awake enough to realize that didn't make sense and re-read it! Ka'Plah! :-D

Hey Man...
Keep going my friend...You are making a difference...The mess and noise that is the internet needs your voice...

I'm reminded of a recent thing that God showed me regarding the verse about us being the salt of the earth... I always took it to mean that we added flavor... but the real meaning has to do with the salt being a preservative... it changed my whole way of thinking when I get burned out and feel like dropping out of things. Jason, your an encouragement to all of us! Even your simple posts help preserve our sanity and a sense that we are making a difference. Hats off to you and may God richly bless your effort!!!

Jason, I have been on your blog and emails for about three months. It is a great resource and encouragement. I can really appreciate your state of mind regarding continued blogging. I often wonder where you get the time to keep up so much communications when I have a hard time just keeping up with emails. I am one of those lone IT guys trying to make it through the day. I am the IT, HR, Facilities management, Strategic Planning, Finance, and Office management departments all rolled into one. I spent 38 years in Information technology at a US bank and gave it up to help the local church. Some days I wonder why, and wonder how eternity is being impacted by what I do. I love technology and supporting it but some times it gets difficult to keep going. So I encourage you to persevere although I am jealous of all the things your church and others are doing. Hang in there and thanks for all you do. But if you decide to cut back I think we can all appreciate why.

So glad you got the message loud and clear, Jason, that you're in the center of God's will for you. I can say, to all your readers, that we at Granger Community Church are utterly spoiled by Jason, Ed and Kyle. They are a most responsive team and have created a great system for support issues. Thank you! I know, I don't say that often enough!


Your insights are very helpful and I never miss reading your blog entries. I don't blog as frequently as I should but you are the one who encouraged me to at least get out there and into the blogging world. Keep it going man...you are encouragement to us all!

One thing I'd like to see in your blog is more on the lines of sanity savers. Those things you've found over the years that help you maintain a sense of sanity when everything is hitting the fan.

For me, this was a simple automated email that sent me a scripture verse each morning. I can't begin to count the number of times the random verse was precisely what I needed that morning.

Keep up the good work and remember that your blog is your ministry. The Roundtable is awesome and started from a simple blog post.

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