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August 17, 2007


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What made you decide on Vista Business as opposed to Vista Enterprise?

Very nice.

If you need help with planning to build boxes, I used to run shops that would build and deploy 30 servers a day.

Let us know when you have to downgrade to XP because that day is fast approaching.

These are nice units, Jason... our clients are using them with good results-- all except for Vista! And it's worth it to not have to support hardware... which will save you time and money in the short and long run.

Nick - but if all/most the hardware is part of the motherboard there's little hardware to support. Keep spares around and swap as needed.
See my prior thread on this: http://jpowell.blogs.com/jason_powell_church_it/2006/12/what_if_things_.html

We ordered about 50 of these last month and have been very happy with them. Exact same specs as you have posted, except we got XP on all of them. No problems so far!

Nice. If you need help \\imaging\setting up\installing these (on a Tuesday) - holla

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