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January 17, 2008


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Congrats! Perhaps it is a tipping point, and you are on your way to become the next TechCrunch.

It seems that Feedburner is having issues today, specifically FeedBlitz. I noticed that too. My blog feed and it's comment feed is fine, it's right where it should be. But I have 2 other feeds I track, one for my tech arts site at church and another smaller blog I have and they are both sky high. Tech Arts went from single digits to 79 and my other blog went from a low number to 675! Both have very inflated FeedBlitz numbers, yet Feedblitz stats do not reflect that.

However, if you truly broke 1000, congrats! That's a big milestone that I'm aiming for as well.

I just noticed that my FeedBlitz number for CTM is not included by Feedburner today. That would explain why my Feedburner number is not inflated. There's some talk on the feedburner forum of whacked out numbers today but i don't see a response from Feedburner yet.

Ditto! I noticed it too... Just on a smaller scale!

Your blog was recently featured in Google Reader's suggested blogs list. That's why I subscribed to it two days ago. Maybe a bunch of people saw it there and decided to join?

Some of us are old fashioned and just check your blogsite each day directly instead of feedburner. So your numbers are likely much higher than feedburner shows. ;)

Jason - same thing happened to me. Jumped from 1600'ish to over 2100. Still high today. Did they start pulling in a new group of subscribers they weren't recognizing before?

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