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January 10, 2008


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I have used M.R. Smith for years. I LOVE them...I've replaced a BOILER with them and had serious furnace repairs as well... I love these guys. They're honest and fair. If you want Mike's number...let me know.

Man, we feel your pain. We had carbon monoxide problems earlier this year and our hot water heater was found to be the culprit. At the same time, the repair guy found significant problems with our furnace. To make a long (and very financially-painful) story short, we had to get them both replaced (they were the original installs in the house). Thankfully, we too had an emergency fund. Now, though, it is more of a "something-to-throw-in-the-guitar-case-to-encourage-further-donations-on-the-street-corner" fund.

By the way, we went with Mechanical Man out of Middlebury/Nappanee (ask for Corey). We were very happy with the service and they were among the lowest estimates we received.

Carefully compare the units that are consider for replacement. There are some new systems out there that are a bit less with really short warranties and end up costing you more to maintain. Keep in mind buying a furnace is like putting a roof on a house, you want to do it once and have it last a long time.

Also, talk to someone you know who is responsible for maintaining buildings (rental homes, apartment buildings, etc) or residential contractors and ask for a recommendation on an HVAC company. I've heard too many horror stories about picking them out of the yellow pages.

The water softner is another story. If it is plumbed with PVC, you should be able to perform the swap out yourself. If its plumbed in with copper, you may need to call in the plumber. I know water softners and water heaters have all been jobs I've performed in the past...

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