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June 30, 2008


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Hey Jason, I've been reading your Blog since last year, and as usual this is great stuff. I took the time to listen to it, and you presented it in a way that made people feel comfortable and fostered an atmosphere of trust. I liked it.

Now... how much of this can I scarf? *grin*

I've been working on a Best Practices and Acceptable Use Documents for our Church. All the research I have done has lead me down a very narrow and legalistic path. I'm not legalistic in my Worship, I don't want to be legalistic in my IT policy.

We are of the same mind when it comes to a liberal computer use policy. I'd rather try and educate people what the risks are, then let them decide if their outreach programs on MySpace and FaceBook are with the risks.

I am very serious when I ask if I might take your outline from your Blog and the audio I listened too and mold it into our own personal policy for our Church? It would help me out a great deal. Thank you!

I think I can hook u up :-)

Jason, A DOCX Document? I thought you were better than that! Tsk tsk tsk.. Can I get it in good old DOC format? :-)

Jason --

Thanks for sharing the audio of your presentation. I especially liked the analogy to Southwest with regard to standardizing. I've been trying to find a good way to present that topic at work and that should do just the trick. It's a real-world tangible thing that most people are familiar with, and that makes it great for presenting to management. Hope you don't mind if I stea-- er, um, borrow that idea...

Luckily that's not a problem at church. Being the one-man volunteer IT shop for a smaller congregation (relative to GCC anyway), I pretty much get to make all those decisions myself!

The Best Practices guide is great too. Thanks for sharing!

Any chance we could get it on doc format....still running old office products :)

Any chance we could get it on doc format....still running old office products :)

DOC format added :-)

Looks like Typepad created a zip file of the files ... so download then unzip 'em.

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