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June 26, 2008


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W00t! Congrats to everyone actually! That is so cool that you guys are celebrating as much as he. :) Justin should be very proud.

Greetings and blessings from Canada!

I could not commend you on a finer choice. I've known Justin for a very long time. I met him when we were both getting started in blogging, and then I ran into him again as "the tech guy" who provided support for the small web host I was dealing with, where I eventually ended up on staff as well. As much as I tease him mercilessly (and he doesn't hesitate to reciprocate) he is seriously one of the finest guys I know, bar none.

I say all this even though we have never met face-to-face, but that may soon come to an end! Big plans have been made to make the trek to Indiana to attend Innovate '08 and maybe the roundtable the day before!

Mr. Moore tried telling me something about a Mac ban. You may wish to discipline your team member on this issue of heresy. (These Baptist boys need a firm hand.)

Two things ....

First and formeost congrats to Justin and may he be a total blessing in his new role.

Secondly - and this is something I don't understand. After 24yrs in IT I still don't see the relevance of requiring a degree unless you are hiring for very specialised positions and not the general 1st / 2nd line support type roles. So my question is ... could you explain why you ask for a degree?

Stuart - we didn't require a degree just said it would be a plus :-)

Fair do's ... I read it as a requirement.

I've fought my real world boss over this one and managed to get him to see the light (so to speak. And yes, I do have a degree.

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