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September 29, 2008


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Hey Dude, I saw your comment on the 2 TB limit on the Dell MD3000i.

It's got nothing to do with the hardware. That's a restriction of Windows Server 2003. The limit on partitions in 2003 is 2 TB no matter what you do. Fortunately, Windows server 2008 let's you create partitions of any size. I have several 12 TB partitions on my backup server running Windows Server 2008 Standard.

Hope that helps.

Umm actually the 2TB limit IS hardware .. it's in the controller firmware.
Any 64bit OS will do bigger than 2TB volumes ... we have a server03(64bit) running with 7+ TB LUNs no problem.
Dell says a future firmware will allow larger LUNs on the MD3000i.

Ahh...didn't know you were running 64 bit.

Now it makes sense

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