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March 10, 2009


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Jason - I like the SF2 book and assessment. Your results don't seem like a big surprise. With respect to Relator and Harmony, those may be less evident than the Analytical group, but the importance of team and relationship in your ministry and in building this online community (and roundtables) really does display an unusual and extremely powerful strength that is completely foreign to many in the IT arena. I'm glad that's more evident to you now and hope you can build (and build upon) that strength :)

I think there's something about us 'Learner's that enjoys these assessments and learning more about ourselves. That was one of my top five, along with Input, Strategic, Intellection and Achiever. The input was a shock until I careful read the description more carefully. It's probably why I read so many blogs!

I took this a couple of weeks ago. My 5 were:


I was a bit suprised by the harmony and relator until i read the description as well.

Thanks for the encouragement :-)

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