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May 19, 2009


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Used this today--very timely!

Thanks Mr. Negotiator

Very nice. Thanks! Have you ever used this for airfare or rental cars? Is it possible?

Mark - I've used it with car rentals .. it's not as easy as hotels, but it can be done. Got a midsize for $12/day

In the video you mention next day travel. Does this work better for short notice? How far out can you typically use this trick?

I used Priceline to get a hotel outside of Denver 1 hour before I would be there for $45! It's awesome!

Headed to the Echo Conference in Dallas in July. Got a room at the Hyatt Place 5 minutes from Watermark church for $34/night. I would have paid $99 for a room through the conference. Thanks!!!!!

The link for the video doesn't seem to be loading. Did I miss the window of opportunity to view it? I've heard awesome things about your video and have some trips coming up that I was going to experiment with.

Some of my favorite deals with this technique over the past few years:

Denver Tech Center Marriott: $25/night
Westin Westminster Colorado: $40/night
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach: $27/night
Marriott Hilton Head Island: $75/night
Venetian Las Vegas: $79/night
Hilton White Plains: $59/night
Hyatt Regency Chicago: $59/night

Some folks (including me) have switched from posting our winning bids on biddingfortravel.com to instead posting them on betterbidding.com. I don't like the site quite as much, but the "owners" take better care of their "customers", in my opinion.

muhahaha! Jason! You are BRILLIANT!!!!

To Mike above. Several of us, including Jason Powell, stayed at the Crowne Plaza directly across the freeway from Watermark using this method for $35/night. It works well! In the off seasons and poor economic times like these you may even find yourself staying in some seriously nice places.

Thanks for the awesome video on PriceLine. Used it for the first time and got 2.5 * for $45!

Thanks for posting this!! This helped me get a 3* hotel for $52 in Baton Rouge.

Used this to book hotel for conference in Florida this November. Worked like a charm!! Thanks!!

I've used PRICELINE quite often and love it. It is very addictive! I want to travel more just so that I can use it!

The first time I used it I was lucky enough to score the Marriott Rive Gauche in Paris for 60% off the retail rate which astonished me as when Priceline stated that Name Your Own Price could get you "up to 60% off" I thought "yeah, sure, that's never going to happen"!

Based on that success, I now start all of my bidding at the 60% off the lowest priced hotel at retail rates in the city zone and star rating and go from there.


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