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September 03, 2009


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I'd love to see that transcript!

The meeting was a hoot, Jason. A whole new side of you I hadn't seen. You coolness factor was already up there. Now? It's in the clouds. :)

One thing to add: if I had nickle for every time I've typed my old password first over the last week, I could retire!

Thanks for the feedback Jeff :-)

Tony - I need to see if the gal that did the podcast would be up to transcribing it.

Great job as usual. If I had 1/2 your talent, I'd quit my day job.

Maybe your next contest should be some sort of password cracking contest to see who actively uses the password that takes the longest for L0phtCrack to decipher. You'll have to come up with a cool name for the contest (The Safest User?). This might help motivate other churches to take the step you did in getting user buy-in to help secure systems. http://www.l0phtcrack.com/

We installed Password Safe on all of our 650+ client systems, so our users have a place to manage their many usernames/passwords. Might be something to consider, and keeps people from creating unsecured lists. They can use the same product at home and secure their personal systems. http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/

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