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February 25, 2010


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CDW is usually fairly competitive with the 10% discount that you get from Apple via WCA or your own store. They're also eager to price match.

I wonder if that applies to the iPad and the like. I know in some 501(c) apple sites you are only allowed to buy one item for a 10% discount, but of course you can choose the one item.

Scott - I know we can buy iPods from our Apple site as well as the WCA site so I assume iPad would be available as well. Time will tell :-)

Apple refurbs are a great way to go. We bought our first Mac refurb here at Hope this year and I've personally bought 3 Macs (and 2 iPods) refurbed with no problems.

And depending on what you get, the discount is often larger than the 10%.

A helpful hint, refurb inventory changes almost constantly, so if you see something you need, buy it then. Otherwise you may have to wait awhile before it shows up again.

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