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April 07, 2010


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Wow, I love this idea! As an IT department of one, a list of this kind would be invaluable. A great chunk of my time is used to research vendors and products. I follow many of your blogs and glean precious information from them which saves me time and gives me valuable input.

I also use the Spiceworks Vendor/Product rating and review system (They use stars and written reviews) but for me, info from CITRT folks has always trumped information gathered elsewhere.

I have grown to greatly respect my fellow CITRT members and wish I had more to contribute but rarely have the time. :) In this way I could not only gain info, but pass along my own experiences with products and vendors in a quick and easy way.

I like the way Spiceworks does it - though it may be too intricate to start with. Spiceworks allows you to review not only vendors, but specific products assigning them stars and writing personal reviews - then it gives you the average of the star ratings and allows you to peruse the reviews.

Great idea, thanks!

Old post, I know, but you could always set up a free http://uservoice.com/ page... it would handle it digg-style with commenting.

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