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September 28, 2010


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What sort of time commitments do you need/get from volunteers?

Is it a weekly regular weekly type of need or an on call situation?

What about people new to the church? Is there a minimum requirement for time of attendance?

Just what quickly came to mind.


Cbarbour - yup, those specifics are addressed in the particulars of the various volunteer roles I'll go over in future blog post.

Thanks for the article!! Seeing that you are mostly a Dell shop (and your Apple users, of course) why are you not using Dell switches? Are there some features you like about HP better? Thanks for sharing with everyone, Jason!

I love this Jason and thanks for posting.

Whilst were I support is nowhere near the size of your setup I've just acquired my 2nd official tech ops support bod and I'm stoked.

I can see a day when we need items like this....

Scott - We originally used all Dell switches, but had a few issues. In our experience HP makes a better switch, better warranty, and better management options. YMMV :)

Stuart - When I was the lone IT guy at GCC I was utilizing LOTS of volunteers ... which lead to hiring one of them down the road. Invest NOW in getting volunteers involved vs later. Investment is TOTALLY worth your while.

The first paragraph of your 'big picture' is awesome! I think every church IT group should try to adopt that mentality and make sure their leadership is aware of their heart and desire to serve.

This is great to see - showing you can still provide strong IT infrastructure using volunteers!

I would love to understand how you solve things like confidential info access with volunteers in one of your followups.

Tim - good question. I'll try to remember to address that.

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