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February 08, 2012


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Just went thru this. We used OpenDNS Enterprise for a year, but weren't overly satisfied and needed better reporting. We will continue using OpenDNS DNS servers, but implemented a Sophos Appliance for web filtering.

So I'm guessing that if we haven't had an email then we won't get cut off.

But whatever this pricing structure sucks big time.

Hello, thanks for the heads up. This is disappointing news (and very unexpected). So far, I didn't receive any notification from OpenDNS. I'm sure a lot of smaller customers will be put off by the charges.

you really should check out alohadns.com - great reporting and white or black list... but they email you a nightly report of all accessed domains and suggestions of which domains might be malware / audult / etc...

If you want to use free DNS filtering solution there's NxFilter.

Main features :
- Active Directory integration
- User or Group based policy assignment
- Embedded webserver and embedded DB, built-in GUI
- Blocking by domain category
- Unlimited custom categories
- Dashboard and reporting
- IP based ACL
- Whitelist and Blacklist based on domain matching and keyword searching
- Runs everywhere including Windows, Linux.

You can download it from http://www.nxfilter.org.

And it's free for everyone.

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